Chamomile tonic - Orange Blossom

Chamomile tonic - Orange Blossom

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This face tonic lotion based on chamomile and orange blossom has anti-inflammatory skin and decongestant properties. These benefits help strengthen blood vessels which is proving to be excellent for rosacea, redness, rosacea and tenderness! It is even beneficial to improve dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. In addition, by having better circulation, it reduces the presence of pimples and acne, eliminates excess sebum and closes dilated pores as it holds an antiseptic cleansing action. It also has the action of moisturizing and lightening the skin. This reduces pigment spots and gives it a shine!


Demineralized water, chamomile, orange blossom water, vegetable glycerin.


How to use it

After cleaning your skin with the precious oil cleanser or vitamin E cleansing milk, spray the tonic lotion directly on the face and continue with the application of your restorative cream.

It will rebalance the ph of your skin and optimize the penetration of your products deep under the epidermis!

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