Bactericidal serum 3 tea trees +

Bactericidal serum 3 tea trees +

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Composed of a powerful blend of essential oils, this serum discourages the growth of bacteria and fights skin imperfections. Acne, heat pimples or boils are eliminated before they even reach the surface of the skin! Its mission is to rebalance the sebaceous glands, promote healing, prevent infection, stimulate skin regeneration and blood circulation. In addition, it has antioxidant power that protects, soothes and reduces inflammation. Redness and irritation are therefore reduced.

Also effective for cuts, abrasions, itching as well as for insect bites and bites.



Avocado, Jojoba, Tea tree, Carrot, Immortelle.


Apply a drop on the tip of your finger, press the tip of the finger for 10 seconds to block the oxygen and then let the product penetrate. Apply three to five times a day. Apply at the imminent appearance of a pimple as this can prevent its progression. Do not apply on the entire face, only on problem areas.Use in the last step of your beauty routine, after your moisturizer.

* For extremely sensitive skin, do a test in the crook of the arm to check for any adverse reactions.


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